Global Flight Training Houston is based at KDWH, David Wayne Hooks Memorial Airport in Spring, Texas.We are a satellite training facility of Global Flight Training in Columbus, Ohio.We offer training in our aircraft or we will come to your location and train you at your facilities in your aircraft and on your schedule.

Our goal at Global Flight Training Houston is to teach you to FLY THE RIGHT WAY; ALL THE WAY!!

Global Flight Training Houston provides extensive ground school and flight training for the Citation 500 Series aircraft. We offer specific courses for PIC (Pilot in Command), both initial type rating and recurrent as well as SIC (Second in Command) type ratings. This type rating covers 9 different models of the Citation 500 Series aircraft.

The Citation CE-500 series jets marked the beginning of the largest family of corporate jets and pioneered the business jet market. More than 2,000 aircraft that are covered by this type rating are currently delivered. The Citation Encore+ continues to be built by Cessna today.

In addition, Global Flight Training Houston, through VUE, INC, the parent company of Global Flight Training, offers the Single Pilot STC (Exemption No. 9917), issued under the authority provided by 49 U.S.C. 40113 & 44701 which allows you to fly the complete Citation 500 Series of aircraft alone without the hassles and expenses of extra crewmembers.

Our instructors are all seasoned veterans with thousands of hours and years of experience spanning all phases of aviation including, General Aviation, Corporate Flying, Commercial Airline, and Military.

You will do all your training in the actual aircraft, not a flight simulator. Our goal is to enhance your current level of flying expertise and to make you the safest, most proficient aviator possible with a thorough understanding of the aircraft and its systems as well as in the handling and flying of the aircraft.

We will train you to be a valuable crewmember regardless of whether you are sitting in the left seat or the right seat.

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