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April 14-16

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The CE-500 Initial Type Rating course adds a CE-500 type rating to a pilot’s existing certificate allowing the holder to act as pilot in command of all Citation 500 series aircraft.


Course entry requirements

● Private, Commercial, or Airline Transport Pilot License

● Multi-Engine Class Rating

● Instrument Airplane Rating

● Minimum of a Third Class Medical


Aircraft types covered by this type rating

● Citation I (CE-500), Citation I/SP (CE-501)

● Citation II (CE-550), Citation II/SP (CE-551), Citation S-II )CE-S550), Citation Bravo (CE-550B)

● Citation V (CE-560), Citation Ultra (CE-560U), Citation Encore (CE-560E), Citation Encore+


Training course includes

● Aircraft training materials

● Manuals (Aircraft and systems manual, training manual, weight and balance)

● Cockpit familiarization poster

● Checklists

● Custom tailored ground training

● Flight training in your aircraft at your location or in our aircraft at our location

● Prep for Oral & PTS Type rating check-ride

● Check ride with DPE



Duration of training

 Pilot in Command Type Rating Course: 5 days

● 3 days of intense ground school

● 2 days of flight training to proficiency. Usually a minimum of 3 flights

● Check ride with DPE

● Flight training in your aircraft at your location and schedule or

● Flight training in our aircraft at KDWH, Hooks Airport, Spring, Texas

● If you have a trip planed, we can incorporate a LOFT (Line Oriented Flight Training) flight which cuts down on your overall training costs. If carrying passengers, a separate flight is required for the air work (stall series and steep turns) which the FAA does not allow with passengers onboard.

A recent student said of this course “I learned so much more flying my own airplane than I ever did in a simulator”.


Graduation and course completion

This type rating course meets the FAA Type Ratings practical standards (which is the same as the ATP practical test standards). Upon completion of the practical test, a Pilot in Command type rating (for PIC type rating) will be added to your FAA license. Since the practical test and check-ride is completed in the aircraft, there will be not be any restrictions on your license.


Pricing will include:

● All ground school training and materials

● Up to 3 training flights to prepare for Check Ride. If additional flights are required for proficiency reasons, they will be at an additional cost.

● Check ride and all DPE expenses

● Instructor and all expenses

● No hidden costs/fees


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