The CE-500 Initial Type Rating course adds a CE-500 type rating to a pilot’s existing certificate allowing the holder to act as pilot in command of all Citation 500 series aircraft.

Course Entry Requirements:

● Private, Commercial, or Airline Transport Pilot License

● Multi-Engine Class Rating

● Instrument Airplane Rating

● Minimum of a Third Class Medical

Aircraft Types Covered By This Type Rating:

● Citation I (CE-500), Citation I/SP (CE-501)

● Citation II (CE-550), Citation II/SP (CE-551), Citation S-II )CE-S550), Citation Bravo (CE-550B)

● Citation V (CE-560), Citation Ultra (CE-560U), Citation Encore (CE-560E), Citation Encore+

Training Course Includes:

● Aircraft training materials

● Manuals (Aircraft and systems manual, training manual, weight and balance)

● Cockpit familiarization poster

● Checklists

● Custom tailored ground training

● Flight training in your aircraft at your location or in our aircraft at our location

● Prep for Oral & PTS Type rating check-ride

● Check ride with DPE

Duration Of Training:

 Pilot in Command Type Rating Course: 5 days

● 3 days of intense ground school

● 2 days of flight training to proficiency. Usually a minimum of 3 flights

● Check ride with DPE

● Flight training in your aircraft at your location and schedule or

● Flight training in our aircraft at KDWH, Hooks Airport, Spring, Texas

● If you have a trip planed, we can incorporate a LOFT (Line Oriented Flight Training) flight which cuts down on your overall training costs. If carrying passengers, a separate flight is required for the air work (stall series and steep turns) which the FAA does not allow with passengers onboard.

A recent student said of this course “I learned so much more flying my own airplane than I ever did in a simulator”.

Graduation and Course Completion:

This type rating course meets the FAA Type Ratings practical standards (which is the same as the ATP practical test standards). Upon completion of the practical test, a Pilot in Command type rating (for PIC type rating) will be added to your FAA license. Since the practical test and check-ride is completed in the aircraft, there will be not be any restrictions on your license.

Pricing Will Include:

● All ground school training and materials

● Up to 3 training flights to prepare for Check Ride. If additional flights are required for proficiency reasons, they will be at an additional cost.

● Check ride and all DPE expenses

● Instructor and all expenses

● No hidden costs/fees

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